Teaser Transcript

Ajira: So this one time I went to a birth, and my client…

Keelia: Wait, Ajira! We should make a podcast about this! Like just sharing stories stories from doulas.

Ajira: Oh, yes, and we could talk about what is it like when your clients entire family has given birth by cesarean they want to have an unmedicated vaginal birth. Or you’re supporting a client virtually for the first time…

Keelia: Yeah, or maybe it's one of those times when you can't tell if the person you're supporting is 1 centimeter dilated or 9 cm dilated but they decide to go to the hospital and you go along with them, and it turns out they were actually 10 centimeters dilated and for some reason there’s all this pressure for them to go to a cesarean and you haven't given been given a clear answer and the birthing person doesn't really know what's happening but you're pushing together in the bathroom while everyone else is freaking out outside... oh my God, what's going to happen?

Ajira: For real.

Keelia: I can’t wait to get to that story, it’s a good one. I’m Keelia, I use she/they pronouns, and I love nerdy jokes. For example: Braxton and Hicks walk into a bar. And nothing happens.

Ajira: You know that’s right.

Keelia: If you don’t know what a Braxton Hicks contraction is, that is totally fine, we’ll probably talk about them on this podcast at some point. Just know that they are the bane of many doulas’ existence.

Ajira: I’m Ajira, she/they, and if you want to hear stories about what happens in the birth room from the doula’s perspective, subscribe to the show, and follow us on Instagram @doulastories.

Keelia: You can find all this information in the show notes, too. We’re really excited.

Ajira: We’re pumped!

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